Latest Maps on your smartphone

MaxTrax comes loaded with latest Google maps. Other Map providers such as Here, Bing, Cloudmade and some specific country maps are also integrated with MaxTrax. Use the link provided below to download MaxTrax on your smartphone.

MaxTrax Features

Start Your Tracking Business

MaxTrax provides you with a platform to start your operations within minutes. Our support team is available round the clock and provides you with back-office support so that you can focus mostly on growing your sales

Prorate Monthly Billing

No long-term commitments. No upfront charges. Pay per month and that too on prorate basis only. i.e. from the date of vehicle activation instead of full month.

Hardware Freedom

MaxTrax has integrated more than 300 types of different GPS tracking devices. You have the freedom to choose your own trackers and source them from where ever you want.

Multi National SMS Services

SMS is used for notifying customer in case of a vehicle theft, device tampering, fuel theft or overspeeding. MaxTrax is integrated with leading SMS gateway providers in most of the countries.

Multi Lingual Support

MaxTrax gives you freedom to operate in your language. More than 30 languages and regional metric systems and all timezones are incorporated.

Complete White Labeling

Seamless integration of your brand including your own tracking webpage with your logo, your own SMS Sender-ID, your own company email to notify your customers.

SSL Secure Access

MaxTrax Servers are equipped with https security which means all data received and transmitted to and from the server is secure.

Unmatched features at lowest prices

You can start with price as low as one dollar per vehicle per month.

Avail discounts if you have a base of more than 500 vehicles.

Prorate Monthly Billing.

Contact us today and start within minutes